An optimistic glance into the future of human spaceflight, padded with a pinch of sarcasm.

License: MIT X11

What You're Getting

It's a shame I have to convince you, but it is what it is...

Piggy Bank

Everything for free

All chapters in english and german, account creation, progress tracking, audiobooks and additional resources, all for free, forever.


All the sources

If anything isn't being proven within an article, sources are being provided. No "believe me, I know my stuff" crap.


Science lessons

All natural sciences have their right to exist within this project. You'll learn a lot about all of them!


Bursts of nihilism

After finishing reading or listening, you might think you're unimaginably insignificant. You're right! But don't worry yet.


Progress Tracking

Our free account system makes it as easy as possible for you to track your reading or listening progress.


Top-End Merchandise

This website features a merchandise shop from highest quality fabrics in the merchandise market that is actually non-profit.

Open Source

A chance to contribute

Since this project is open-source, if you feel like a chapter is missing and can defend that claim, you can add it!


A (nerdy) community

Join other readers and space-enthusiasts on our discord server to exchange and make friends in the field.


An engineering jumpstart

If you want to break into the aerospace engineering market, you won't find any better jumpstart than this project.

What's Awaiting Us

Or should I say "Who's?", to build up some suspense?

Terraforming Mars

We are going to terraform Mars. Are you already wondering how?

Cloud Cities

Do flying cities sound too futuristic to you? Well, they aren't!

Space Habitats

What are Space Habitats and how can they house trillions of people?

Alien Life

As we will learn, we will make alien contact sooner than you expected.

Start reading now - or regret it later :)