4 • Space Habitats

Space Habitats

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An artists visualization of a Stanford Torus near Earth
An artists visualization of a Stanford Torus near Earth. Source: Unknown


The point we now arrived at is a point at which we'll come to peace with the fact that we colonized pretty much all of the planets that are worth colonizing within our solar system. Before emerging on a journey to other systems though, let's take a look at the hidden potential our solar system has to offer and how we can use it properly.


In this chapter, we will learn about...

  • Multiple models for potential Space Habitats
  • The Concept of a Stanford Torus, where it came from and how it functions
  • The sustainability of Space Habitats like the Stanford Torus
  • How to gather and transport the resources necessary to build it
  • The potential the asteroid belt offers for building Space Habitats
  • How to supply thousands of Space Habitats with electricity
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