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Hey, I'm Gianluca,

and I am the creator and author of this page. Beyond Earth© is a project aiming to increase awareness for the aerospace engineering and space exploration industry. My goal is to inspire as many people as possible for this niche and I felt a project like this could be a great first step, so I took it. You decide if you want to read our content at your own pace or if you would like to listen to our audiobooks.

Beyond Earth© is designed to be accessible and free for everyone and is natively open-source. Feature Requests and active participation in this project is greatly appreciated!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this page about?

Within this page, we're going to take a chronological leap through the future of human spaceflight. We're going to be looking at what's on the agenda and how we can achieve it and we're also going to take a look at what might come long after all current plans for future space colonization ends. The goal here is to give readers a clear and concise glance into our future without causing confusion or sensory overload.

After reading through our page, readers are very likely to have the fundamentals on spaceflight down and can engage in meaninful and constructive conversations about our possible future/s.


Do you work in this field?

No, not currently. I am considering enrollment in a part-time Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering but I'm currently working as a Software Developer. My ultimate goal is to help shape and form the future of the spacetravel industry in a bigger fashion than "just" a job in the field though, so I am most likely to continue the path of a Software Engineer and ramp up enough money to start my own company in the Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering field.


Where can I request a topic or feature?

Anywhere you want, really, as long as it's probable for me to notice it. You choose between the GitHub repository, my LinkedIn inbox, Discord or even the e-mail option on my portfolio website.


Do you think you'll ever be on Mars?

Tough one. The correct answer to this question is, especially if you know me well enough, much more dependant on my health situation than on the progression speed of spacetravel. If I get to live 70+ years, I think it's pretty likely. If not, I don't think I will, honestly.

It's not about me, though. I am not even excited to be there, even if we had a colony up on Mars. What's important to me is accelerating progress and for that, my location doesn't matter at all. If I was an outside observer looking at humans and their progress, I wouldn't care for a single human so why should I now? Because I just so happen to be him?


How can I contribute?

Lots of ways! Apart from the very obvious one being fulfilling feature requests or writing chapters that the both of us agreed on, simply sharing this page will help increase awareness already. Give it a like on Soundcloud, if you like. Everything helps :)