Death of the Universe

Death of the Universe

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Nothing but photons and other particles remaining after the end of the Black Hole Era
Nothing but photons and other particles remaining after the end of the Black Hole Era - a visualization by Melodysheep. Source: Melodysheep (opens in a new tab)

The Dark Era

After all matter decayed and the last supermassive black hole evaporates, it will light up the universe one last time with it's massive explosion, making it the last thing to ever happen within our Universe. After the last black hole disappears, the emitted photons, electrons and protons will cool off towards absolute zero because there is nothing left to heat them up.

As the expansion of the universe is ongoing, distances between particles will increase towards infinity. This will rip apart all remaining particles in the universe, leaving absolutely nothing behind. As I said earlier, there is no end to our universe, but to time.

At this very point in the history of our universe,

Time becomes meaningless.

Nothing is happening and nothing will ever happen again, as the state of the universe for the first time in it's life is constant. According to our current understanding of physics, the universe will not end in a Big Crunch nor a Big Bounce into another universe but a Big Freeze towards the coldest of temperatures.

The End

This is it: There's nothing left to tell at this point as the story of our universe is over. Feel free to stick around for my personal / philosophical view on this, feel equally free not to. Whatever you do, thank you for sticking around with me and more importantly, thanks for taking an interest in the things that surround you. Stay curious.

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