7 • Future of the Universe

Future of the Universe

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The first image of a black hole ever created
The first image of a black hole ever created. Source: Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (opens in a new tab)


In all of the previous chapters, we wondered about us. How are we going to colonize other planets? How are we going to find alien life? Within this last chapter, we want to drop our egocentrism and take a look at the grand scheme of things: What are our final borders, what's the fate of life in the universe and how is it going to end?


In this chapter, we will learn about...

  • The unconquerable borders of human space exploration
  • The eventual fate of all life in the Universe
  • The upcoming ages of the Universe and how they will change
  • How the Universe will most likely "die"


  • My personal take on the Universe and it's longevity
  • A philosophical view on the meaning of life
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