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End of the Universe

I would prefer if the universe would end in a Big Bounce, although this would probably mean it would bounce back into another instance of itself, making things recursive yet not less enjoyable for other instances of ourselves. However, it's not as if the immortality of the universe and the meaninglessness of time doesn't have some beauty to it.

If there will ever be any exotic lifeform that lives long enough to face their inevitable death at the end of the Black Hole Era without being able to escape our universe, they probably won't be too sad it came to an end. After all, they survived for so long that I myself have no idea what the amount of years would be called and I can't be bothered to look it up. It would certainly be more than 1010610^{106} years, making grief about their end a greedy trait.

If things were eternal, moments would be meaningless as they could be repeated infinitely. As we say in Germany, "einen Tod muss man sterben", essentially translating to "You have to die some way", and I prefer a happy life that's to be remembered by my grieving dependants over an eternally meaningless existence any given day.

Outlook on Life

Now, what's our learning from all of this? For just one quattuordecillion of the time it's around, life is possible in the universe. That's a number with 87 zero's. Yet you are here. I am here. Not just that someone is here in that unimaginably small timeframe, but you are. Even if we neglect the fact that we live in an impossibly short habitable timeframe, the fact that you and not one of millions of other potential combinations of DNA from your parents has been born is a miracle in itself.

So, I don't know what you're doing, but although I might have some downs every now and then, I'll try and enjoy life for all of the people that can't live because I do. Because frankly, it would be a waste if I didn't. I myself am quite sensitive when it comes to awkwardness and I can't stand other people noticing me doing something wrong, but when looking at the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter at all, does it?

You could be the dumbest idiot on the planet or you could be the most intelligent being our planet has ever seen. If you're ordinary, you will be remembered for a couple decades, if you're a great inventor you'll last a couple centuries or millennia but eventually, after a blink of an eye on the coscmic timescale, nobody will know you've ever been here. Nobody will remember what you did.

Now even though that might both sound frightening, it also means that all of your stupid mistakes will be forgotten. This is not an invite to do harmful things to others! Instead, it's an invite to forget about mistakes you made as long as you learned from them. It's an invite to forget about the past because it doesn't matter.

Closing Words

This is the final chapter of this thought experiment through the future of our Universe. I am somewhat sad because I had my share of fun writing this and I hope it was equally enjoyable for you. If it was, feel free to bookmark the page or give me a follow on GitHub. I am looking to add a News Page, quizzes and profile features to this website!

Thank you so much for spending your time here. I hope you learned a lot of things that you found interesting and I wish you a happy and successful life, whatever your goals might be :)

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