An optimistic glance into the future of human spaceflight, padded with a pinch of sarcasm.

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What is this?

Hey! I'm Gianni. (opens in a new tab) is a thought experiment through the future of human spacetravel: In accordance with scientific findings of recent years and under constant updating, we set the expectation on ourselves to offer the best and most understandable outlook into the near future of mankind.

A capybara in space, generated with Midjourney v5
A capybara in space, generated with Midjourney v5. Source: Midjourney (opens in a new tab)

In chronological order, the reader is taken by the hand and accompanied through the upcoming developments of spaceflight. In both text and audio book form, everyone can participate in our thought experiment in their preferred way. If you are interested in the background of this site, feel free to check out our FAQ (opens in a new tab).

This guide's structure

We will start with the most obvious first question when it comes to spacetravel, which is "Why should we pursue it at all?" (opens in a new tab) and will follow the (eventual) future path humanity will take on through it. Aside the fact that either I, Gianluca (the author) or some other contributor evaluate scientific papers for their relevance towards human spacetravel, this page is not one of them. This page can by no means guarantee that what we'll talk about is actually going to be reinacted by humans exactly, it's goal is simply to show what is possible and how those specific possible actions would be executed most efficiently based on our current understanding of physics. I'm merely trying to take you on a thought experiment type of journey through the future adventures of our species.

Furthermore, I maintain a rather sarcastic commentary style, on which I have received very positive feedback in my earlier german releases (see "Almost Everything Beyond" (opens in a new tab)) and which I will continue similarly. If this isn't for you, that's perfectly understandable. Should the topic as such still be interesting to you, I would recommend you look at the "raw" sources I link under my documents yourself.

This website's structure

If you are on desktop, you surely noticed navigation tables on both the left and right side of this paragraph.

The left sided navigation lets you navigate through all pages and chapters and is ordered chronologically in a logical manner. The right sided navigation lets you navigate through the article you are currently viewing. It features a list of all anchors (headlines) on the page and therefore lets you navigate through sub-chapters within a page easily.


Sources for all the information provided on a page can be found in the "Additional Resources" section at the end of most pages. Sometimes, it's also directly linked within the paragraph.


Upon being done summarizing all of our journey up to our current understanding of physics and space around us, I will also introduce a "News" section to this website. Spacetravel is and will for many decades be a growing field that does not yet have any form of newspage that bundles all of the news around it. I intend to do that. Stay tuned or...

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