3 • Colonizing Venus

Colonizing Venus

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Image of a possible surface of Venus by NASA/JPL
Image of a possible surface of Venus. Source: NASA/JPL (opens in a new tab)


Although we ruled out Venus earlier, we might find it could be a reasonable target for us after all. We will have to accept that to survive on other planets, we may have to go out of our way to adapt to the planet's conditions since they haven't been habitable before for a reason. We will discuss arguments for and against Venus and we'll find out what a good middle ground to deal with it's problems and to benefit from it's features might look like.


In this chapter, we will learn about...

  • Why Venus is a suitable candidate for colonization
  • What kind of problems we will have to expect when colonizing Venus
  • How we are going to deal with the problems on Venus
  • How a futuristic colonization concept on Venus would look like and why it has to be executed after colonizing Mars
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